Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Entry Date:
Apr 24, 2018

It was a week of nearly for Shane and myself. Going over there I thought that we could be a good pairing and after seeing how we played together I can see I was right. I know we finished down the field but it was just a couple of holes that killed us. We both came away saying that we could have given it a good run but for a few shots.

In round one we dovetailed very nicely and I think we only birdied the same hole once. On top of this we were never really in trouble and generally we had two chances on every hole. There is no doubt in fourballs that having both of you in with a chance of making birdie makes the game so much easier.

Friday was the foursomes and we played very well. We had a lot of good chances for birdie that just slipped by but even still, we were nicely in control and under par for our round most of the day, which in the conditions and the way the course was set up was good going. We got to the 17th at nine under par for the tournament and right in there. It was my tee shot and I pulled it left into the water and it ultimately cost us a triple bogey. This really knocked the wind out of our sales. In the end Shane holed a 15 footer for par on the last for what we thought was to make the cut, but as it turned out we had a shot to spare. We both left the course very disappointed as we had played so well on a tough day and then blown it on the last two holes. It was tougher for me to take as I had hit the tee shot on 17. Its bad enough when you hit a poor shot and you have to deal with it yourself, but when you have a partner it makes it even worse.

Our next two days we played nicely again but a couple of holes cost us. It was hard because we were trying to press to try and get ourselves back into the tournament and generally when you are doing that you are always close to a bad hole or two.

Looking back on the week we know that we were a good team. We got ourselves to 10 under par early in the second round and we looked like we were going to keep on going, but the putts dried up and then a bad finish cost us.

However both of us are coming away knowing that when we get another chance to team up we can do very well. I know I really enjoyed the week and it was good fun getting away from the normal 72 holes singles strokeplay events. It was much more relaxed than normal and took me back to the World Cup days with McGinley.

The other thing that both of us can take from the week is that we both played nicely bar a couple of shots each. A good run of form is not far away for either of us and Shane gets to go onto Quail Hollow and Sawgrass knowing he is playing well. For me I am not in those two tournaments so I am heading home till the Byron Nelson and have a good run of events from then on. I'm looking forward to having a few tournaments in a row as I know I am ready to have a few good weeks.

Talk soon,

I have been off for three weeks and have really enjoyed it, but now I am back in the US for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. This week is an unusual one on tour as it is a team event. Shane and myself are playing together this week and I have to say that I'm looking forward to it. It will be a nice change from the normal tournaments we play, with the format being two days of fourball and then two days of foresomes.

I really like the idea of the team event. Mixing things up from the normal 72 hole strokeplay is a good thing as far as I am concerned. I like the fact that it takes the emphasis away from ourselves and makes us think about our teammate and also about how we should play the course in the foresomes. Shane and myself have played a lot together over the last few years but not in team event like this. Our games aren't too dissimilar in that we are both aggressive and not too worried if we miss a green or two.

I've been practicing hard over the last few weeks. Normally my practice is in my back garden but over the last three weeks I've been to the K Club and done some good practice on the course. I get so much feedback when I practice on a course that I just keep asking myself why I don't do it more often as it is so much better for me than standing on a range beating balls. In my three weeks off I have actually played more courses than normal. I've been to the K Club a good few times, I was in Japan for a couple of days playing a pro-am and then I had the opening of Adare Manor.

I?ve also spent a good bit of time testing balls as well as a new driver head as I broke my old one. I was gutted when I broke the driver as it was a really good one that has been going nicely for me.

On Tuesday we played nine holes and then on Wednesday we played the pro-am, which was a Scotch Foursomes format, as we would call it at home, or sometimes known as Greensomes. It was fun to play as we never really get to play it and whilst it wasn't the format we will play during the tournament, it was still good to get us into the right frame of mind.

We are both really looking forward to playing this week and it will be great craic playing with Shane in this format. On Thursday we start with fourballs and then on Friday it is foursomes. It's hard to say how it will go as we have both been off for three weeks and in team golf you never really know what to expect. One thing I know is that if we can enjoy ourselves then we have a great chance of doing well.

Talk soon,